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Our estimating team consists of Shane Jaynes, Gary Yost and Dean Erickson. Using their considerable skills, they will assure that your part will be manufactured on the right piece of equipment, optimizing our capabilities to give you the lowest possible price, shortest lead times and reduce non value added operations.

Make us your #1 choice for all of your custom precision screw machining, Swiss CNC screw machining, CNC machining, Escomatic coil feed machining, self clinching hardware, and custom inserts for plastic molding.
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24800 ULYSSES CT. N. E. ISANTI, MN 55040
PHONE 763-444-4698 TOLL FREE 888-562-7467 FAX 763-444-4699
P. O. BOX 216, CEDAR, MN 55011
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Have a question you would like to direct to our estimating team? You can email them directly by clicking the link below. To send prints, please use the quote request form below.

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You can also call, fax or email your Erickson Representative,
Duane Jaworski of Jaworski & Associates.
Duane has been working with Erickson for 18+ years. He is available by mobile phone (612-799-1780), e-mail Duane Jaworski at Erickson Automatics or by fax:
(763-785-9065), Toll free fax (877-280-2087) or the office number (763-792-2184), toll free (877-562-5070).